New Public Workshop!

Leading with Courage

Wednesday February 10

6:00-7:15 p.m. via Zoom


When you are clear about your true values, leading from a place of fierce courage is effortless.

Your true values serve as your compass. They point you toward ultimate fulfillment.


However, it can be a little tricky to identify the values that represent your individuality and unique qualities. In this workshop, we will explore, uncover, and identify your values that will point you toward rock-solid leadership. 

Click here to join us for this exciting opportunity with Nicole Garrett!

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Our Mission:

Empowering and connecting women as leaders within their community.

Our Vision:

To inspire confidence in women to realize their full potential.


To embolden women’s voices.


To address cultural undercurrents that limit women’s potential.


To encourage a community of philanthropically inspired women.


Womentum  fosters leadership among women in our community.  To us, leadership is not confined to corporate boardrooms or public office.  We also focus on "personal leadership" skills that result in confidence in designing our careers, in accepting civic responsibilities, in raising our families, and in mentoring one another.  We share our intellectual, philanthropic, and creative spirit to effectuate meaningful social change among our colleagues, constituents, children, and community.


Womentoring  is an integrated, empowering, and accountable mentoring program that builds community by developing women’s skills, confidence and local network. Participants commit to a nine-month calendar (September through May) of workshops, small group dinners, and of course, one-on-one mentoring.  Womentoring creates systems of change for program participants and the entire community.


Philanthropy and Teamwork  Drawing women together with the spirit of philanthropy and teamwork, Womentum creates a cumulative impact exponentially greater than what could be achieved individually.  By practicing "action philantropy", we make a difference without duplicating powerful efforts of other nonprofit organizations.


Events and Education  Beyond Womentoring, Womentum offers events and educational opportunities for the general public to increase knowledge and awareness of today’s women’s issues. Newly-expanded Alumnae Programming will keep the dialogue of leadership, individuality, and support alive among this dynamic and growing group of women beyond the initial 9-months of Womentoring, with more events, collaborations, and offerings that will be inclusive of the larger community.




"Releasing  the genius and ambition of the individual woman."

          -Nellie Tayloe Ross, 1st elected woman Governor in the United States (Wyoming, 1925-27)

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