Alumna Interview: Rose Caiazzo

Dina Mishev: When were you involved in Womentum?

Rose Caiazzo: 2010 to 2011.

DM: Mentor or Mentee?

RC: Both! My mentor wasn’t really able to sponsor me during a tough time in her life, so we just kind of met up and chatted and mentored each other. After the program was complete, one of the board members took me aside and gave me some special time to learn from them, which I very much appreciate to this day.

DM: Why did you apply to Womentum?

RC: I was very involved with “women oriented” things at that time in my life and was looking to branch out to other women in our community. I was the head of the Women’s Business RoundTable and also had a radio show called “Local Lady Talk” on the community radio station. (You can listen to some clips here on YouTube.)

DM: What was your favorite part of the program?

RC: The dinners—and they’re still my favorite part. You’re able to connect women from the community that you may not know over an informal, relaxed dinner.

DM: What three words would you use to describe your experience with the program?

RC: Genuine - Invaluable - Engaging

DM: How did you end up in Jackson?

RC: In 2007, I sold almost everything and left the tri-state corporate world to become a bike guide. Bike trips brought me to Jackson, then I fell in love with the area and the community and ultimately decided to stay. I launched my businesses in 2008—one consulting with small businesses about social media and another doing voice work. I not only love Jackson, but all of Wyoming! Working for the Wyoming Entrepreneur Program, I taught small businesses around the state how to effectively use social media. I saw even more of the state when I was in the Leadership Jackson Hole Program in 2014-15. I love that every town in Wyoming is different!

DM: What did you learn about yourself through Womentum?

RC: I am really unstoppable, once I put my mind to something! And I love to learn from women that have started their own businesses.

DM: Did the program change you at all?

RC: Yes! I was just a fledgling with being an entrepreneur and, during Womentum, I learned so much from several of the women in the program. Both businesses thrived!

DM: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done, not counting selling all your stuff and leaving the corporate world?

RC: I kept a pet scorpion in my college dorm room. He used to take road trips with me on school breaks!

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