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One week from today, Womentum embarks on a new chapter of programming. Answering the call from Alumnae for continuing education in leadership training, self-discovery and personal growth, we proudly unveil Womentoring 2.0, which offers block-style immersion learning in topics curated by and for Womentoring Alumnae.

With a few seats left for Session 1: Finding your Path to Success (and Balance), program director Caryn Flanagan interviewed facilitator Clare Payne Symmons about the upcoming session:

CF: Womentoring 2.0 asnwers the call for continuing dialog between Womentum alumnae. How do you feel about being at the epicenter of the revolution? (ha ha!)

CPS: After serving as a mentor, the thing I wanted most was to keep this network of amazing women in my life. I think Womentoring 2.0 allows us to keep up the "Womentum" we all enjoyed. We all joined Womentum for various reasons; 2.0 will be a opportunity to drill down into those goals. 2.0 makes Womentum more of a lifelong learning opportunity.

CF: Tell us a little about Strategy and what participants can expect to get out of your session in October?

CPS: Strategy came out of two places: my own need to make a life plan and my background in strategic thinking. Applying a strategic planning model on my own life, I realized that the most rewarding thing I had ever done was helping others find clarity in their lives! Strategy takes some of the key principals of strategic planning and applies it to individuals. We figure out what is important, what we want to accomplish, what environmental factors we have to consider, etc. Then we construct a realistic, achievable plan to get us to our goals.

CF: Who would you dream client (or clients) be for this facilitation?

CPS: People who have a goal, but don't know how to get there. Folks who are not loving what they are doing, but don't know how to get clarity on what they want to and can do. Folks entering a new phase of life: new moms trying to balance all their life obligations, women looking at later life occupations, young women just figuring out what they want to do with their lives.

CF: Do you have specific goals for the participants?

CPS: Each participant will leave the program with: a solid understanding of themselves (what makes them tick) and their environment; a personal mission that will guide their actions; a set of ambitious goals; and a time-based set of achievable actions that will ensure success.

CF: What would your dream Womentoring 2.0 session look like if YOU were participating, not facilitating?

CPS: It would be a safe, supportive environment in which I could learn, explore, and share.

For Session 1 schedule and registration, CLICK HERE.

Coming Up: Womentoring 2.0 Session 2 (January 2018) Tanya Mark will facilitate a month-long dialog on Mind/Body/Spirit.

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