Liz Gibbs Creates SPACE for Community

Liz Gibbs, Womeuntum alumna and founder of C3 Brand Strategy, believes communication can bridge divides. At a time when many feel increasingly divided, Liz recognizes the power of bringing people together. To that end, Liz recently founded the SPACE supper club Jackson with the aim of creating a respectful space for deeper human connection. We recently reached out to Liz to learn more about how she is making meaningful change in the community.

How many years have you been in Jackson?

I moved here in 2008, so coming up on 10 years - whoa!

What was your first job in Jackson?

My first job in Jackson was waitressing at the Q Roadhouse.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time reading, cooking, walking my dog and dreaming about my next travel destination.

What keeps you in Jackson?

My friends that are more like family and the supportive community.

You were a mentee in the 2014 Cohort.... what are some of your memories of that experience?

My favorite memories were the small group dinners. Connecting with new people over delicious food and interesting conversation is one of my most cherished things in life. Also, of course, meeting and getting to know my wonderful mentor, Jessica Milligan!

What brought you to the program then and how might it have influenced where you are and what you are doing today? (personally... professionally...etc)

I have worked in fairly male-dominated companies, so it was nice to have a network of women who I felt like I could relate to a bit more. I think I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but lacked the courage to go out on my own. Being a part of Womentum was great for seeing examples of other women entrepreneurs who were making it happen.

Tell us a little about The Space supper club! Was it at all inspired by the small group dinners at Womentum?

The world is suffering from the epidemics of fear, narcissism, bullying, intolerance and prejudice. Project: SPACE is a brand and movement that is working against this energy by encouraging people to:

Stand for Peace over fear, Acceptance over hate, Compassion over judgment and Equality over hierarchy.

We believe that "creating and holding space" (meaning withholding judgment, being present, letting go of labels, having empathy and emotionally connecting) is one of the most liberating and healing things you can do. In the end, it's about recognizing our shared humanity and sending the message that "We're in this together." Whether it's in a manager/employee relationship, a customer service interaction or over coffee with a friend, we all have ample opportunities on a day-to-day basis to be present with someone and empower them to trust themselves and ultimately just feel seen and heard for who they truly are. 100% of profits from the Project:SPACE memberships go in to the SPACE Connection Fund that funds projects and events that enable deeper human connection. Currently, the event series is the SPACE Supper Club because, as Ronald Raegan said, "All great change in America happens at the dinner table." Just as we experience at the small group dinners at Womentum, the dinner table is the ultimate space holder - putting everyone on the same level and connecting people over food, wine, conversation and celebration.

Anything else you'd like to add?

All are welcome and invited to become members of Project:SPACE and attend the SPACE Supper Club dinners. By joining the movement, you are saying "yes" to being the change you wish to see in the world, whatever that might mean to you. You can choose to join under a business name or as an individual. More info at

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