Martha Lewis: Reflections from a Mentee

A new mother, entrepreneur and current mentee, Martha Lewis discusses her career path and how her participation in the 2018 Womentoring cohort has supported her growth:

Q: What brought you to Jackson (and when) and what are the key elements that keep you here?

A: I came to Jackson in 1999 while driving out west with a friend from college. I came for the summer and never left (real unusual story, I know!). I stayed for the lifestyle, the people and the wide open spaces.

Q: How did you first hear about Womentum? What inspired you to get involved?

A: I have quite a few girlfriends who have gone through the program and they talked highly of Womentum. I thought it would be a great thing for me to do, especially as I am transitioning to being an entrepreneur and a mother.

Q: What were your first impressions of the program and your mentoring partner?

A: There was so much energy and excitement at our first cohort event; I was really happy to be part of something so inclusive and exciting. My mentor and I immediately clicked and have a lot in common.

Q: Now that you are 2/3rds of the way through the program, has your perspective about it (or your mentoring partner) changed? If so, how?

A:It's been great getting to know my mentor and becoming good friends. She has given me so much support and perspective on being a business owner and mother.

Q: Tell us about your work.

A: I am sleep consultant for babies and children. My passion is helping parents who are exhausted and frustrated with their child's sleep get the sleep they need. It's so rewarding when my clients are excited and relieved that their child is sleeping!

Q: As a business owner in Jackson, what have been your biggest hurdles? Successes?

A: My biggest hurdle has been getting my name out there without spending a lot of money. But everyone I've talked to from pediatricians to counselors have been supportive and excited about what I'm doing.

Q: As a future mentor (!!) what advice do you have for anyone thinking about her own start up?

A: If you want to be an entrepreneur, I advise getting clear about your goals and finding people who can support and mentor you.

Q: In May you will join the family of Womentoring Alumnae. How do you plan to stay engaged?

A: I hope to continue spending time with my mentor even after the program is over. I would also consider being a mentor :)

Q: If you could get a message to your younger self.... say Martha from 20 years ago.... what would you tell her?

A: I would tell myself that it's cool getting older and wiser. And don't get caught up in drama!

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